Hire Tabby To Speak

If you are looking for someone to deliver inspiration, action-based motivation and good vibes, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking to inspire a small team, thousands of colleagues, or C.E.O.’s in a boardroom, Tabatha is able to deliver her message of transformation and self-belief to just about any type of group (this is what she calls, the Sunday Vibes effect).

Tabby Speaks On Topics Such As:


  • Women (and Men’s) Empowerment- sharing her story of transformation and growth, surviving toxic relationships, and leaving corporate to start a business

  • Intention Setting, Goals and Findings Your Purpose- creating a life you have always dreamed of

  • Mindfulness In The Workplace- integrating her former corporate human resources knowledge along with her knowledge of universal life force, Tabby takes participants to a place of calm through a guided meditation

  • The Power of Positive Vibes- the power of intention, the subconscious, concious and unconcious mind and positivity


To connect with Tabby for speaking opportunities & current 2019 fees, kindly email: hello@sundayvibes.ca

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