My Life 11 Months After Leaving My 9-5

Sunday Vibes Founder, Tabatha Sunday Knight

Leaving the corporate world was one of the best and most terrifying decisions I have ever made. People thought I was batsh!t crazy. Actually, come to think of it, they still think I am crazy. They are right. I am. I am crazy about creating a life I love. I am crazy about inspiring others to succeed and accomplish their goals. I am crazy about metaphysics and everything related to energy, mindfulness and healing. I am crazy about teaching others how to create freedom for themselves. When I left corporate, I had no safety net. I had little support from friends and family. I left everything behind including my salary, multi-week vacation and benefits to pursue entrepreneurship. I had a small stash of cash which I had wanted to use to go on vacation, however a girl had to pay rent somehow. I left corporate on April 27th, 2018. It was bittersweet. I was sad to leave my colleagues whom I had worked with for 12 years, I was excited to pursue Sunday Vibes.

The first few days of not having a 9-5 were strange. I woke up at 6 am, only to realize I wasn't going to work. Instead of sulking, I ventured outside into nature. I talked to the Universe. I went for walks, did yoga, and discovered many local beaches in the Greater Toronto Area. I did a lot of soul-diving. I analyzed my life, and everything that had transpired up until that moment. I did a lot of self-healing and releasing during my first month of not working corporate. Although I was stressed about building Sunday Vibes, I knew that the Universe would support me if I stayed true to myself and maintained faith in myself. Oddly enough, more clients and students started booking.... I didn't promote my availability or hours, they literally started finding me on social media and Google.

Magical. It was as though the Universe knew what I needed. Three months later, on my birthday might I add; I manifested working with a local yoga studio; Modo Yoga Brampton. A year prior I had set the intention to work with them offering and teaching Reiki. Words cannot describe the amount of gratitude which I have for this opportunity. A month later, I manifested working with a local Chiropractor, Dr. Adrian Raphael; who has also helped me to improve my health and wellness in ways which are incomprehensible. Please check him out if you are in the Greater Toronto Area. In less than a year, I have been able to eliminate a lot of stress and as a result my health has improved drastically. Eleven months later, I could not have asked for a better life. Now, am I were I want to be? No. I still have so much to learn and grow through, but I am damn close. Am I ahead of where I thought I would be 11 months later? Fu*k yes!!! I have made so many Divine connections over the last 11 months, I am in awe and wonder of what is to come. In 11 months, I have managed to accomplish the following:

- I have managed to drop 35 pounds, through modifying my diet and exercise, something which I have struggled with all my life, my booty is getting rounder :)

- I finally moved to a town outside of a city which I have lived in all my life (whuddup Brampton, I still have lots of love for ya!)

- I have been attracting clients and students from around the globe who are in alignment with what I have to offer on this planet and I could not be more grateful

- My stress and anxiety have been nearly eliminated, with the exception of Brampton drivers lol

-I started writing 3 books which I hope to have published in the next year...

As I trot along through the Universe, I have come to learn some cold hard facts about life. The spiritual path as well as the road to entrepreneurship is quite a lonely one. A lot of my personal relationships have changed and continue to transform (for the better). As I let go of those no longer in resonance with myself, I began attracting those who are a much better fit. No hard feelings. This is life. This is how energy and vibrations work.

I have also learned a lot about myself (and others) as a young woman and energetic light-being (this year I turn 30!!!). People like to talk sh*t. People love gossip. People love lies and hate the truth.

People love to impose their self-limiting beliefs and fears onto others.

I have come to learn that success is a result of happiness.

Happiness is a result of honouring ones-self. Everything is energy. We are all energetic beings whether we want to believe it or not. It all boils down to physics and science. Google that iish if you don't believe me, or continue to follow my blog...

The Universe and the cosmos are not just a hippie-dippie fad... It is real sh*t.

We are able to manifest our hearts desires if we truly believe we are worthy of receiving them. I am living proof of this.

I moved out at 17, put myself through school, bought a car at 23, survived domestic violence, and completely revolutionized my self and my life. I may not have generated $1,000,000... yet; however I am confident that my energy is worth more than any amount of money found on this beautiful planet of ours.

Sunday Vibes "What do you do?" I usually respond by introducing myself as a Energypreneur. My middle name is 'Sunday' and I have dedicated myself to assisting others with raising their vibrations (vibes) and consciousness through teaching Reiki and offering coaching. I knew there was a reason as to why I studied business (human resources) in post-secondary. I wanted to help people, however once I got into corporate, I quickly realized I was not helping people the way my soul was designed to. Creative I am. I have come to find that many online coaches make the rest of us seem like money-hungry automated spam-email junkies.

Many people view Reiki Master-Teachers to be hippie-dippy positivity zombies.... Um no, we are people too. Coaches need coaches and Reiki Masters need Reiki just as doctors need doctors and bankers need their own bank accounts. I don't use a mailing list-- le gasp. I do not spam or post annoying false ads-- le gasp. As a hue-man, I too experience a plethora of emotions and feelings ranging from sadness, heartbreak, anger, irritation, happiness, and joyfulness... Why did I choose to blog about leaving my 9-5 which I worked so hard to accomplish? I didn't choose to blog about leaving my 9-5 to bash corporate-life. I merely chose to create this post to inspire those looking to create positive change for themselves, regardless of where they currently work, regardless of their health, and regardless of how much $$$ is in their bank account. We all have to start somewhere. When I started Sunday Vibes about 4 years ago... I think I had about $1.17 in my bank account when I left my abusive relationship, and I had about $50,000 of debt as a result of that relationship.

I am making quantum leaps through my own journey as I continue along my path as an intuitive healer- human being. My advice for those looking to change their life is summed up in the below formula:

Planning + Intentions + Action = Time = Energy = Success What are you doing this Sunday? Thank you for reading... I hope this helps to spark some inspiration for those seeking assistance. If I can do what my heart desires, so can you. After

all, I am just a chick from #brampton lol Please like and share this post. Raise Your Vibration. Love Yourself. Heal The Soul. Love Tabby xo

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