How To Protect Yourself From Bad Vibes

Some of us are more energy sensitive than others, and I am often asked, "How can I protect myself from bad vibes?" Well, there are many ways.... For those of us who are sensitive to energy/ vibrations, we also will be sensitive to bad vibes, or low vibrations. Everything is energy, and for those who are empathic, intuitive, or energy sensitive; we really have to honour when we notice a change in how we are feeling when around certain people, situations or environments. Here are 5 easy ways to block bad vibes:

Tip #1: Awareness Becoming more aware of your intuitive abilities is a great way to increase awareness of vibrational energies. Meditation, Reiki and yoga are great ways to increase your frequency, allowing for expanded awareness. When we go within, we are able to heal our Mind, Body and Soul including that which is related to the past, present and future. As we go within, we can also sense what is external to us. When bad vibes are around, it is easier to detect and reflect when we are already in a state of equilibrium. Remember to honour your truth. The truth will set you free from bad vibes.

Step away from the bad vibes and bull$h!t. Once you become aware of 'sh!t', walk away. Clean off your shoes. Why stand in a pile of sh!t? You are a flower with legs. When someone gives you a strange/odd/weird feeling in your gut, trust it. Just make sure that gut feeling is not the extra spicy bean burrito from lunch....

Know that you are always safe and supported by whatever higher power you resonate with.


Tip #2: Nature We are currently living in a Digital Age, where we are all glued to our cellphones. It is easy to connect with one another via social media, emails, text messages, video calling... We are able to capture selfies, but struggle with connecting to nature.... Soothing and grounding, nature has the ability to help us reconnect with Mother Earth. In reconnecting with Mother Earth, we are also able to reconnect with ourselves as well as the Universe. Take a walk, sit on the grass, or sky-gaze to benefit from nature. No prescription required. Nature helps to reduce stress and anxiety, it also helps to boost feel-good hormones. Remember to breathe :)

As we increase our frequency through nature, we are able to naturally block the negative effects of bad vibes. Tip #3: Visualizations

Your Mind is a powerful tool which can be used at your convenience. Your aura is a very powerful force-field. When you combine the power of your Mind and the power of your aura, you will be able to easily block bad vibes and attract more good vibes. Below, I have provided a great visualization technique which I have successfully used for myself and with clients & students: Sit or stand comfortably, and imagine yourself (in your mind's eye) being surrounded by a warm, golden light in the shape of a bubble surrounding your entire being, extending 2 feet around your physical body in all directions.

Let this light bubble sparkle and shine, and watch it grow and expand as you inhale deeply through your nose, and exhale gently also through your nose. For added protection, you may add bands of colours to further enhance the effects. I like to use purple as it is a spiritually protective colour, as well as blue and green. Archangel Michael is associated with the colour blue, and Archangel Raphael is associated with the healing colour of green. If you are feeling particularly sensitive to bad vibes, you may call on your spirit guides and Angels to assist with shielding and removing any low vibrations which do not serve you for your highest purpose. Tip #4: Healing Crystals and Semi-Precious Stones I have always rocked crystals (haha get it?... rocked crystals? lol) as a way to increase my frequency and block negative vibes. Below I have listed a few of my favourite healing crystals and some of their many uses.

Clear Quartz

Quartz: Quartz is prized for its ability to clear the mind of negativity, helps to enhance intuition, and is considered the master of all healing crystals due to its ability to magnify or amplify healing vibrations of other crystals.

I like to keep a piece of quartz in my bra... *pew pew pew*

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli enhances self-awareness and increases self-expression revealing inner-truth. Lapis lazuli helps to stimulate the third-eye chakra.

It also helps you to keep your eye on the prize....

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline: Used during meditation, and to ground, black tourmaline is great for assisting one with connecting to Earth and the spiritual world, helping to purify the aura. Great to repair auric holes during/after a psychic attack. Great to keep auric field strong and helps to deflect potential psychic attack.

Bacically, black tourmaline helps to keep the a$$holes away.


Selenite: Selenite helps to reverse and clear negative energies from ones Mind and Body. Selenite is a high vibrational stone, which is self-cleansing. *be careful not to wet selenite as it may dissolve.

You may still cleanse/charge selenite... afterall it is a high vibrating piece of time and space.

Citrine: Helps to stimulate the Mind (mental power) as well as the solar plexus chakra, citrine helps to bring focus, increasing positivity, joy and happiness by clearing negative energies. Citrine does not hold or accumulate negative energies, similar to selenite, it is self-cleansing. Citrine has the power to transform negative energies to positive. Assists with manifesting a whole load of abundance.

Tip #5: Smell Vibes My last favourite way to blast through negative vibes is through smudging, and through the application of different smells.... - Sage

Smudging is a great way to clear negative, stagnant energies which do not serve us. You can smudge your home, office and self to purify. It has been reported that smudging significantly reduces bacteria, viruses and air-bourne pollutants which make us sick....

- Essential Oils Essential oils are volatile plant compounds which naturally raise our vibration, improve our immune system, and help to boost our mental health and outlook. When inhaled, applied to the skin (be sure to dilute when required), or ingested (make sure you are using certified pure therapeutic grade oils), the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream within about 30 seconds, quickly alleviating symptoms of many health issues. Click here to shop for your favourite certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

-Palo Santo

Palo Santo is believed to have both therapeutic and healing properties for the mind, body and soul when smudged. It has a beautiful fragrance. Palo Santo helps to clear and purify energy, naturally raising the vibration of any space or person who/m is smudged. It provides energetic protection, from low vibes. I like to use palo santo and sage to cleanse my healing crystals. Last summer, I found palo santo to be helpful in repelling mosquitos in the summer :)

-Florida Water

No, not water from Florida.... Florida Water. A beautiful citrus-herb cologne made of liquids, herbs and spices (ooohh that sounds tantalizing) which help to raise ones vibrations, creating a protective energetic barrier to bad vibes. It helps to clear negative energy, and can be used to clean your home and workspace. Florida water has a peaceful vibration, helping to open up the heart chakra, allowing us to break-free from mind-stacles.

I hope this post was helpful. Share your thoughts, experiences and feedback below! Remember to re-share the Sunday Vibes for others! :D

Peace! Tabby xo

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