Empath, Intuitive, Indigo Child, Starseed, Pleiadian, Lyrian, Earth Angel

Hey you, Weirdo. Who are you? You are blue, red, orange, yellow, green, purple and pink. You are unique. You are Golden :) You know you are different; yet the same. You frequently see number sequences such as: 1111, 444, 888 or you may come across symbols such as the Flower Of Life.

You know that you know things, and so you google terms like: "am I psychic?" "am I having premonitions?" "why do large crowds give me anxiety?" "wtf is reiki?"

"am I clairvoyant?"

You enjoy being a "loner" but do not mind company.

You are a natural born healer. You are intuitive af. Sometimes you are not intuitive af. Gut feelings are a normality. You curse yourself when you do not listen to your gut. You feel your forehead warm up when something is right. You are a truth seeker and a truth leader. You stand up for what you believe in.

You are a rebel, often with tattoos, and rainbow coloured hair. Sometimes you are a rebel without tattoos and rainbow coloured hair. Your inner voice may be silent, or it may be loud. You may feel pain in your heart when you hear of or see videos of death, natural disasters and torture. You love animals. You enjoy helping others. Even if it is to hold a door open at Timmies. You are interested in healing stones and crystals. You meditate or do yoga. Or maybe, "I cant meditate its too hard..." You may injure easily or frequently, or you may always be sick.... You may undergo a "spiritual awakening" period. It may go dormant. It may start up again.... Kundalini... Love Yourself.

Go vegan. Go vegetarian. Do a 30 Day Challenge. Go gluten-free.

Or... just keep eating what you are eating.

Alkalize your body. Free your Mind. Love your soul.

Om and shanti are part of your vocabulary. You love Earth.

Balance your chakras. Clear your energy fields. Book a Reiki Session.

Toss shit people from your life. Politely. Take back your power. Reconnect with yourself and nature.

Embrace who you are. You are perfect and whole. You are Love and Light. You have a lot of energy but can tire quickly.

You are bright and full of love. Even when you feel like sh!t.

You are a deep thinker. This too can be tiring. You see the future and remember the past. You may float in your sleep. You know that sage can be multi-purpose: used for dinner recipes; as well as smudging. You now you have a greater purpose on this planet.

You may have had a near death experience. Or several.

You know that your guides, and Angels are always willing to help you when you ask. You understand Divine Law. You feel as though you are from another planet. You know that your DNA can be activated. You know that your Mind and Body are connected to your Soul. You manifest easily. You manifest the good, the bad and the ugly. You know that your thoughts create your reality. You know that your words create your reality. You know that not taking action, does not help your reality. You know that you are loved and needed on this planet <3

You do not need another person to complete you, only to compliment you. You could be between the ages of 20-45. Maybe not.

You want to live a life of freedom, love abundance and good health! You know that a life of freedom can be attained easily and effortlessly. Believe in yourself. Let go of your fears.

The power of now sometimes doesn't work out the way you want it to. Envision your goals with your heart. Good luck :) Thank you for reading.

Always be a #unicorn Share this with another weirdo. Happy aliening :) Love Tabby xo

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