Life as an Energypreneur

I am creating a life of freedom, abundance, Love & Light and happiness.

I like to refer to myself as an Energypreneur, similar to an Entrepreneur. I work a typical 9-5 as a Training Specialist in a city 88 kilometres away from where I live.

In addition to working full-time, I also own a small business, Sunday Vibes. I am a Reiki Master & Teacher.

I also do dog-sitting part-time and oh-- I am also in the process of writing an e-book manual, and fictional novel. "Woahhhhh, how do you do all of that?" I do. I do not try, I just do. I do because I want. After I lost everything due to a toxic (abusive) relationship, I did some soul-diving and realized I have a lot of living to do all while creating an opportunity to work for myself. Many have questioned why and how I can openly speak and post about my past. My answer: create awareness. I make sure to take time to heal and nourish my body daily. I actually enjoy doing many different things.

It is not easy to have such a busy schedule and lifestyle, but I know it will be worth it. I know that I am worth it. I wanted to give up. Many times. I questioned why I was doing what I was doing. That is when I realized my 'why'. My 'why' is myself. Some have said, "your 'why' cannot be for yourself". Whaaaaaaaaa??? Huh? *shakes head* Ultimately, I realize that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I realize that I am able to create my reality. Think about it. We are born, we grow as children into teenagers who become 20-something year-olds. Many retire at age 65. Some are fortunate to retire at 55. Many elders pass around age 85. Some pass a lot younger, some older. Do I want to work 8-10 hours a day for 45 years?

No. I would rather create opportunities for myself so that one day I can work for myself. I have chosen to honour my mind, body and soul so that I can enjoy the 65 to 85+ years I have on this beautiful planet. I am currently 28 years young.

Whether or not my plan will pan out is dependent on how much action I take. The same goes for anyone or anything. It does not matter the pace, just keep doing. You do not need to be financially rich to start a business. You must be passionately excited about doing something which you love. You do not need to be financially rich to accomplish your dreams and goals either.

Your passion for what you do will ultimately fuel the energy needed to start living your dreams! You may not even know what you are creating initially. Just go with it. Want to become an Energypreneur? Having trouble getting started? That is normal and natural. Even when things are going smoothly, there always seems to be something that goes astray. Be prepared for roadblocks. They are inevitable. If I could relay any advice, I would say make sure you do something you love and can support wholeheartedly. The truer you are to yourself the easier everything will be. Here are some questions to ask yourself. Why do I want to start a business? Is my product or service in-line with my personal goals and/or values? Is there an easier way to operate my business?

How am I going to fund my business? What expenses and costs are involved? Can my business generate revenue while I sleep? Are there other business opportunities which can be managed at the same time? How much of my time is required to set up and operate my business? Do I need to find another stream of income in order to fund expenses? What skills and abilities can I further develop in order to accomplish my goals? The Optimist

I am continuously looking for opportunities to grow, develop and learn.

This upcoming April, I will have ended my Training Specialist contract. It is a bittersweet moment. I recently obtained a high-energy space in the heart of downtown Brampton and will be offering Angel Light readings beginning this March. Whether I continue working a 9-5 or decide to take another path, I know and trust that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. I am looking forward to the many opportunities coming my way. I hope that this article was helpful! I send you lots of love and success so that you too can accomplish your dreams. Thank you for reading this article. Wishing you all a Happy Sunday! Namaste- Love Yourself Everyday! Tabatha Sunday Knight xo

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