10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Energy

Are you a 'Yawny'? Feeling sleep deprived? Yawning every 5 minutes? Your brain is trying to tell you something. Each time we yawn, our brain tries to wake us up by taking in more oxygen.

More oxygen allows the cells in our bodies to communicate more efficiently via energy channels. When our energy channels are blocked, or imbalanced, we may experience life-imbalances or challenges. Our thoughts and emotions also determine how much energy we have. We have all been there. Too tired and exhausted to do anything. You may not even want to see friends or family. A nap sounds, tantalizing. There are many reasons why we become energy-zapped. -Stress -Work Demands -Diet -Kids/ Family/ Friends -School -Vampires

-Life Demands

When we feel like crap, we don't want to do anything. Not even our favourite things. It is okay to stop and recalibrate. Take It Slow- Go Easy On Your Self Once you are aware that you need to recalibrate, you are already ahead of the game. When you are ahead of the game, that means you have the most energy and can win!

Here are 10 great ways to increase your energy naturally! 1. Take a power nap.

2. Get your ass up and do something. Stretch, sketch, read a book, call your cat, pet your lizard. 3. Eat something dammit- your body is a vehicle which requires fuel to win. Think more whole grains, fruits and veggies. Nuts and seeds are great as a snack and are packed with nutrients (energy). Weed out sugars and processed boxed type-foods.

4. Drink more water. Add lemon if you are zesty.

5. Go for a walk or do a quick circuit work-out.

6. Book a Reiki session to release stagnant, old energy. 7. Visualize yourself having lots of energy. Feel your vibrations increase. Write, journal, draw, or close your eyes.

8. Reduce stress. Stress is a reaction to anxiety and/or anger.

9. Meditate.

10. Be grateful for all the great things and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay. When you first wake up, also be mindful of your intentions for the day. If you wake up with a shitty attitude, you will have a shitty day. If you wake up with a positive attitude (even if you dread the day) positive change is inevitable. As an Energypreneur, I am always on the go. I need to be high in energy in order to accomplish my goals and dreams. I love Reiki. Reiki is a great way to draw in Ki (Chi) or prana. When I am doing yoga, or just being silly in the park I do Reiki for myself.

Even if you dread driving to work, taking transit, sitting in traffic- be grateful for it. Everything happens for a reason. Any who, thank you for reading! It means a lot to me. Remember: Raise Your Vibrations. Love Yourself. Heal The Soul. Love & Light, Tabatha Sunday Knight

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