Light Foods

Our bodies are like cars. They are a vessel for our mind, body and soul.

What we put into our body determines its efficiency {and overall health}. If you use the wrong type of oil in a car, it will not work as well- it may even cause damage. The same is true with food. When we consume foods which are lacking in vitamins and minerals; but are marketed as "Light" for example, "Light Cola"- we seem to think and associate it with being good for us. Ha! ... I love fake sugar.

As I am a spiritual being have a human experience; I do my best to ensure I am eating a variety of Light Foods. Foods which have been grown and produced with the use of Sunlight are examples of Light Foods. Light Foods may also be referred to as being vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free... ahhhhhhhh sound familiar?

Ironically these same foods help to boost your immune system, help you to loose weight, balance blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol in the blood... help to repair damage to DNA in our cells from free radicals... give you more energy! Fruits and vegetables are Light Foods. If you can get your hands on organic- even better. "Eww. Gross. Vegetables are gross" If you have great recipes- they aren't gross... I will be posting my recipes soon! Light Foods help us to bring more (sun) Light into our bodies. They help us increase our energy naturally. They help to naturally enhance our mood and balance our hormones. This allows our cells (body) and the DNA within our cells to function properly as they are receiving proper nutrients. This allows us to HEAL from the inside out! Our intuition can also be enhanced the Lighter the foods we eat are. As am Empath, I am very sensitive to products I use and consume. Over the years, I come to learn I cannot eat or tolerate certain foods, particularly what I like to call Heavy Foods. Heavy foods are foods from or derived from animals (meat, dairy), wheat- or gluten based, artificial/ man-made, GMO, and foods which are acidic to the body. Being raised in an Italian household, eating meat and dairy was the norm. When I first told my family that I am no longer eating meat or dairy- they looked at me as though I had three-eyes {see what eye did there?}. When I told them I am no longer eating gluten... well... they thought I had gone crazy. Hello Vegan Meatballs! Having many unexplained health problems over the years, I have managed to improve my well being through what I eat. A lot of the medications which I was prescribed only masked the symptoms I was experiencing from foods I was eating (indigestion, migraine medication, lactose intolerance). I wanted to find out the root cause of my not feeling well. So with my doctors approval, and a lot of intuition (I was definately on to something 10 years ago) I started eliminating Heavy Foods. Surprisingly, I started to feel a lot better, lighter and happier. I started losing weight, I didn't have to rely on coffee as much because I had been receiving my energy through food. When we feel amazing, we are better able to accomplish our goals and dreams. I also Reiki any food that I eat and am sure to give thanks for my meal- whatever it may be. Through sending Love and Light to our food, it allows the food to further nourish our mind, body and soul. I do not follow a "diet" rather I eat foods which are not upsetting to my engine/system (mind, body, soul). As many Light Foods also happen to be high in fibre, protein, nutrients and low in calories- I can eat as much as I want. Be sure to consult with your health care practitioner to make sure Light Foods are right for you. Light Foods do not typically have a package as they are grown in the ground which is connected to Earth. Any who I am out for now- hope this post was helpful! Want more posts like this? Let me know. Namaste- Have a great day! Love & Light Tabatha Sunday Knight xo

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