Step Away From The B#llshit

Like a bad case of diarrhea, b#llsh!t has a strange way of creeping into our lives.

Expect the unexpected.

B#llsh!t is a powerful force. Explosive if you will.

B#llsh!t can do one of two things:

1. Hold us back from achieving and accomplishing our goals & dreams (fear, unworthiness)

2. Motivate us to get up and run towards what we want (in the case of diarrhea you might want some high quality tp and air freshener)

We need to pay attention to how we feel when certain situations make us feel uncomfortable.

It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from; everyone has experienced b#llsh!t at some point in their lives.

Take note of:

☒ Relationships- with yourself, loved ones, friends, family, coworkers, your boss...

☒ Toxic relationships can be verbal/ physical/ emotional/ mental/ financial/ spiritual

☒ You may feel inadequate, insecure, worthless, stupid, doubtful, fearful, unloved, unwanted, constantly put down, ugly

☒ You may question why you are tolerating b#llsh!t *this should be your red flag signalling you to wipe up your bottom line*

☒ You are always feeling isolated

☒ You miss your friends and family, or activities that you used to participate in

☒ You may think about leaving the relationship, situation, workplace, etc., but due to fear and not wanting to disappoint others- you stay put

Fear Not! We want to release poo like a snot!

Sometimes, we do not want to leave b#llsh!it because we are soooooo hopeful that things will change- for the better. Wake up folks- this is not always the case.

Wishful thinking doesn't mean sh!t- if you are not taking action.

What happens instead, is we end up damaging ourselves further. We become accustom to substandard treatment.

We don't apply to the job opportunity we saw on Instagram.

We hope our cheating spouse will stop if we just "love them more".

We don't speak up when others are putting us down.

We beat ourselves up for things we are not responsible for.

We sacrifice our happiness for others.

We end up never accomplishing our goals and dreams because, "I could never do that".

Be a lotus; growing through the b#llsh!t.

☑ STOP ignoring warning signs *you don't want to sh!t your pants*

☑ Take responsibility for your own happiness- you have the power to change your life

☑ Start loving yourself! ♡

☑ Speak up and ask for help! Even if you feel scared- it can save your life

☑ Go for a walk, seek help, improve your diet and exercise regimen, meditate, learn Reiki, do yoga

☑ Trust your gut- sometimes we confuse our intuition for ego when we are feeling fearful

☑ Smile ☺

☑ Stop hurting yourself (negative self-talk, drugs, fast food, excessive sleeping, negative people/ situations)

☑ Express gratitude daily

☑ Stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel- things will get better

☑ Flush away negative influences- take back your power

☑ Learn to say "NO"- create safe, healthy boundaries

Only YOU can decide when it is time to Step Away From The B#llsh!t.

I hope this article was helpful!

Love & Light,

Tabby Sunday Knight xo

Raise Your Vibrations- Love Yourself- Heal The Soul

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