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How To Protect Yourself From Bad Vibes

Some of us are more energy sensitive than others, and I am often asked, "How can I protect myself from bad vibes?" Well, there are many ways.... For those of us who are sensitive to energy/ vibrations, we also will be sensitive to bad vibes, or low vibrations. Everything is energy, and for those who are empathic, intuitive, or energy sensitive; we really have to honour when we notice a change in how we are feeling when around certain people, situations or environments. Here are 5 easy ways to block bad vibes: Tip #1: Awareness Becoming more aware of your intuitive abilities is a great way to increase awareness of vibrational energies. Meditation, Reiki and yoga are great ways to incr

My Life 11 Months After Leaving My 9-5

Leaving the corporate world was one of the best and most terrifying decisions I have ever made. People thought I was batsh!t crazy. Actually, come to think of it, they still think I am crazy. They are right. I am. I am crazy about creating a life I love. I am crazy about inspiring others to succeed and accomplish their goals. I am crazy about metaphysics and everything related to energy, mindfulness and healing. I am crazy about teaching others how to create freedom for themselves. When I left corporate, I had no safety net. I had little support from friends and family. I left everything behind including my salary, multi-week vacation and benefits to pursue entrepreneurship. I

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