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Empath, Intuitive, Indigo Child, Starseed, Pleiadian, Lyrian, Earth Angel

Hey you, Weirdo. Who are you? You are blue, red, orange, yellow, green, purple and pink. You are unique. You are Golden :) You know you are different; yet the same. You frequently see number sequences such as: 1111, 444, 888 or you may come across symbols such as the Flower Of Life. You know that you know things, and so you google terms like: "am I psychic?" "am I having premonitions?" "why do large crowds give me anxiety?" "wtf is reiki?" "am I clairvoyant?" You enjoy being a "loner" but do not mind company. You are a natural born healer. You are intuitive af. Sometimes you are not intuitive af. Gut feelings are a normality. You curse yourself when you do not listen to y

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