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Light Foods

Our bodies are like cars. They are a vessel for our mind, body and soul. What we put into our body determines its efficiency {and overall health}. If you use the wrong type of oil in a car, it will not work as well- it may even cause damage. The same is true with food. When we consume foods which are lacking in vitamins and minerals; but are marketed as "Light" for example, "Light Cola"- we seem to think and associate it with being good for us. Ha! ... I love fake sugar. As I am a spiritual being have a human experience; I do my best to ensure I am eating a variety of Light Foods. Foods which have been grown and produced with the use of Sunlight are examples of Light Foods. Lig

Step Away From The B#llshit

Like a bad case of diarrhea, b#llsh!t has a strange way of creeping into our lives. Expect the unexpected. B#llsh!t is a powerful force. Explosive if you will. B#llsh!t can do one of two things: 1. Hold us back from achieving and accomplishing our goals & dreams (fear, unworthiness) 2. Motivate us to get up and run towards what we want (in the case of diarrhea you might want some high quality tp and air freshener) We need to pay attention to how we feel when certain situations make us feel uncomfortable. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from; everyone has experienced b#llsh!t at some point in their lives. Take note of: ☒ Relationships- with yourself, loved ones, friends, family,

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