Tabatha has been my Life Coach and Reiki teacher for the last eight months and the timing of this connection and process was truly of divine power. Her confident and upbeat demeanor is always a breath of fresh air, making each session feel like a truly safe space to express myself. With every session we’ve had she has truly molded the coaching to my specific needs, making every exchange not only invaluable, but also so motivational. We are in the age of enlightenment and self discovery and Tabatha is always going above and beyond any expectations to challenge me to better myself and make a true life long change to live up to my true potential. I can honestly say that working with Tabatha as my coach and teacher has been an honour and a gift.


My experience was really good, Tabatha made sure I was comfortable emotionally ready before beginning our session, and because of that I found it easy to relax. I felt very much at peace when we were done, which was amazing. I learned of things I need to work on in order to continue healing and growing in my journey. I just gave her contact information to a colleague earlier today.

My experience with Tabby has been amazing. I was very curious to learn reiki, but I wanted to do a session or 2 with her first, each time she took time to discuss my concerns & life in general prior to and after the session. You can tell that she genuinely cares and is willing to assist you when needed. I've learned many different things as I'm always approaching her with so many questions. Through our converstions and reiki, we had come to plan out different things that I'd like to take on. Since then, I've started my own blog and have decided to make a career change which was long overdue, and I've been working to manifest another job while i continue to pursue other goals. I absolutely would refer her to others, and already have been! Tabby, you're fabulous. Keep doing/being you. Bless you 😘.

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