Tabatha Sunday Knight is an Energypreneur.

She is a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer, Life Coach and Chiropractic Office Administrator.

Tabatha an aspiring author with two books in the works, dedicated to metaphysics and self-healing.


She is currently working towards completing her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification as well as a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science.

Using her gift of intuitive wisdom she assists those seeking personal, career and spiritual growth.


From a young age, Tabatha has always loved and had a passion for natural healing. Tabatha has worked on developing her minds eye, particularly matters related to metaphysics and energy, Reiki, the chakras, meditation, intuition, the mind-body connection, law of attraction, and mindfulness. Although Tabatha had a thirst for natural healing, she completed her studies in Business majoring in Human Resources. She worked for one of the top leading Canadian grocery retailers for 12 years holding various roles within the company ranging from Customer Relations to Human Resources & Training and Development. 


In her early 20's, Tabatha had experienced her own challenges which ultimately guided her along her spiritual journey into the healing arts. 


In early 2018, Tabatha made a decision to leave her 9-5 further pursuing Sunday Vibes, her high-vibe lifestyle coaching business. 

Through connecting with Universal Intelligence and the beneficial energy of Reiki, the body is given space to bring forth what it requires to realign the Soul, Mind & Body.

Tabatha holds space for her clients and students, guiding them to better understand themselves on a more deeper level. Tabatha helps to identify the root cause of her clients needs. Through integrating her knowledge and experience, Tabatha helps her clients and students shift into a higher; more balanced state of being. 

Raise. Love. Heal. 

Raise Your Vibration. Love Yourself. Heal The Soul. 

© 2015 - 2020

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